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Ngayakeun kakuatan pangwangunan kalayan kualitas, Zhou Zhihui, Sekretaris Grup Partéi sareng Diréktur Biro Pengawasan Pasar Kota Changsha, sumping ka perusahaan pikeun panalungtikan.

Tampilan: 34 Author: Nyebarkeun Waktos: 2023-11-29

     On the morning of November 21, Zhou Zhihui, party secretary and director of Changsha Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and his delegation came to our company and went deep into the showroom and workshop to understand the company's development situation, scientific and technological innovation, product quality, and development planning, etc., and encouraged the company to further enhance its independent innovation ability, continuously improve product quality, and realize the quality of the strong enterprises. Zheng Yiren, secretary of the Party and Work Committee of the park, Xiao Lei, member of the Party group and deputy director of Changsha Market Supervision Administration, and Xiao Sai Nan, member of the Party and Work Committee of the park and deputy director of the management committee, attended the meeting. Mr. Xu Shixiong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, led the persons in charge of the relevant departments of the Company to give a warm reception.

     As a national specialization, speciality and new "small giant" enterprise, the company focuses on the research and development, production, sales and service of CNC grinding equipment and intelligent equipment, providing customers with comprehensive solutions for precision grinding and intelligent manufacturing technology. The company's products are mainly divided into CNC grinding machines, CNC grinding and polishing machines and intelligent equipment series. Its products are widely used in many fields such as automobile industry, internal combustion engines, optical windows, precision bearings and so on. The company is also the implementation unit of several national projects, including the National Major Science and Technology Support Program, the National Torch Plan Project, and the National Industrial Revitalization and Technological Renovation Project.

      The company focuses on the construction of automated and intelligent production lines, and has advanced intelligent manufacturing MES production lines in the machine tool industry and many sets of international first-class testing equipment. Through the integrated application of "MES, ERP, PDM", the company has successfully built the "Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop" for CNC machine tools, realizing the new management mode of digitalization and intelligent integrated control, which lays the foundation for the company to successfully realize transformation and upgrading.

The company's performance in foreign markets is also impressive, the establishment of the India office, the establishment of Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, the agent and the sales branch, to achieve the globalization of the brand of Yuhuan CNC promotion. In July this year, the company registered in Singapore to establish the first overseas company, marking the Yuhuan CNC in the globalization of the layout of a new step.

       The company has also won many awards for its excellent product quality and high-quality technological innovation. Last year, the company was awarded the honor of "2022 Hunan Provincial Manufacturing Quality Benchmark", and this year, "CNC Grinding and Polishing Machine Tools" was recognized as the " Fourth Hunan Provincial Manufacturing Individual Champion". This year, "CNC Grinding and Polishing Machine Tools" was recognized as "the fourth batch of Hunan Provincial Manufacturing Single Champion Products". The company's leading products vertical double end grinding machine sales in the country, especially the magnetorheological polishing machine to fill the gaps in the country, the company has become the domestic machine tool industry in the international market with independent pricing rights of a very small number of enterprises and science and technology empowered by the high quality of enterprise representatives.

The report of the 20th Party Congress emphasizes "accelerating the construction of a strong manufacturing country and a strong quality country". Quality is not only the lifeline of an enterprise, but also its core competitiveness. The company will vigorously implement the strategy of quality enterprise, constantly improve the enterprise brand, product quality and management level, adhere to the innovation-driven, the pursuit of excellence, empowering the company's high-quality development.

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