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Solution of edge over-grinding

manatu: 189 tusitala: Lomiga Faʻasalalau: 2021-05-18

There are many reasons for the edge (angle) over grinding of the CNC double disc grinder, which is related to the relative position of the base plate, grinding wheel, guide platen and the grinding angle of the grinding wheel.

Firstly, it is necessary to check the double disc grinder to adjust the grinding angle of the grinding wheel to avoid the concentration of grinding in a certain section of the grinding wheel, keep the grinding force uniform when the workpiece passes through the grinding wheel, and to achieve layered grinding.

Secondly, check the parallelism between the inlet /outlet base plate and the grinding wheel, and the mutual height difference. Adjust the appropriate gap between the inlet /outlet base plates of the guide platen, ensuring that the workpiece can pass through freely without interference/skewed.

Third, the positional relationship of the grinding wheel is also important, which should be 0.02~0.03mm higher than the outlet base plate.

Last but not least, check the flatness of the grinding wheel. the linear speed of the grinding wheel gradually decreases from the edge to the center , hence the outer edge is consumed faster than center, it is necessary to dress the grinding wheel to maintain the shape.

Above is the solution of edge over grinding, hope it can be helpful.


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