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Grinding advantages of high-precision vertical double Disc Grinding Machine

manatu: 221 tusitala: Lomiga Faʻasalalau: 2021-05-12

China has a large market demand for high-precision precision parts and high-precision grinding machines, and there is a big gap betweenChina and foreign countries, likeEurope, America and Japan.There are few domestic manufacturers ofhigh-precision vertical double-discgrinders precision equipment.Today, Iwould like toshow you the advantages ofCNChigh-precision vertical double-disc grinding machine(DDG)

Compared with ordinary surface grinders, the high-precision verticalDDG is a kind of surface grinding equipment with high processing accuracy and faster processing cycle. The surface grinders you have seenbeforeare usually horizontal, while ,The high-precision vertical double-disc grinderitsupper and lower grinding wheel shafts are perpendicular to the ground.

DDG is different from ordinary surface grinders in that it does not rely on magnetism to fix the workpiece, but the upper and lower surfaces of the workpiece are simultaneously ground. That is to say, no matter the material of the workpiece is metal, or other non-magnetic materials can be processed. In addition ,DDG can simultaneously process two parallelsurfaceswith high precision and niceroughness in one grinding stroke. Compared with surface grinders, not only the processing efficiency is greatly improved, but also the form and position tolerances and dimensional tolerances can be well improved.

The verticalDDGalso has the characteristics of uniform feed, fastrotationspeed and high efficiency. Compared withCNC lappingmachine, the processing efficiency is 10 times that ofthe CNC lapping machine on the basis of achieving the same accuracy, and it is much better than thelapping machine in terms of dimensional tolerance.

The main types of high-precision verticalDDG are divided into oscillation type and ’C’through type. At present, it is divided into 305mm, 455mm, 585mm, 760mm, etc. according to the diameter ofitsgrinding wheels.

Theoscillation type DDG of Japan, South Korea, and Europe are widely used invarious industries. The processing accuracy of this method is very high, generally within 0.002mm. There are very few domestic manufacturers that can replace importedoscillation type DDG, and Yuhuan CNC machine toolsco.,ltd areone of them. Although the processing efficiency ofoscillation DDGis slower than that of the‘C ‘through-typeone, the processing accuracy is very easy to guarantee. Yuhuan  DDG is mainly used in double-disc grinding of core precision components in air-conditioning compressors, automobiles , powder metallurgy, aviation, electronics, and robotics etc. industries

C’through type DDG is suitable for processing some parts that require high efficiency and not so strict on accuracy. Generally, it’ssuitable for mass production of workpieces such as automotive gaskets, blades, and bearing rings.

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