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Election Meeting of Yuhuan CNC Youth League Committee & “Reading Party” Themed Activities of Youth Day

manatu: 236 tusitala: Lomiga Faʻasalalau: 2017-05-10

In the evening of May 8, 2017, Yuhuan CNC Youth League Committee held a election meeting and “Reading Club” Theme Activities of May 4th Youth Day, and members of the Youth League from Yuhuan CNC and Yuhuan Intelligent attended the meeting.

Firstly, members of the Second Youth League Committee were elected in the meeting. The second session is the “Reading Club” activities which received a good response, and eight members read the classic literature works and shared their book reports. Mr. Xu Liang, Secretary of our company's Youth League Committee, attended the meeting.

"Reading Club" activities didn’t only let us enjoy reading but also improved our philosophical cognition and cultural awareness. At the same time, it will also help to promote our company to build a learning-oriented Yuhuan enterprise culture!

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