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Yuhuan CNC Showing at CCEME Changsha 2017

manatu: 175 tusitala: Lomiga Faʻasalalau: 2017-12-06

From December 4 - 6, 2017, the largest industry exhibition in Changsha -CCEME Changsha 2017 was held in Changsha International Exhibition Center. This exhibition attracted more than 600 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, which include Siemens, Bosch and China electronics. With an exhibition area of 85,000 square meters, it demonstrated the latest technological achievements of global intelligent manufacturing. Yuhuan CNC exhibited precision double-ends grinding machine, double-sided grinding and polishing machine, complex curved-surface polishing machine and other new products at the exhibition and the Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee thumbed up for us at the scene.

In the morning of December 6, Jiahao Du, the Secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Director of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial People's Congress, and other leaders arrived at the exhibition. They stood in front of the Yuhuan CNC’s booth and visited our company's CNC machines. Mr. Du, who had seen the fashion appearance design and manipulative mechanical arm, nodded and praised our company's products.

Jiahao Du stressed that we should adhere to innovative guidance and upgrade traditional manufacturing industries. We should foster and strengthen new competitive industry chain, continuously improve intelligence level of manufacturing industry, accelerate construction of a modern manufacturing base so as to build a leading area of intelligent manufacturing in Chinaand promote the change from "Hunan Manufacture" to "Hunan Intellectual Manufacture".

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