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Aluminum alloy cleaning agent

Good cleaning and degreasing effect, high cleanliness

No corrosion to the workpiece surface, no discoloration, low odor, easy to rinse

It has a good cleaning effect on the machining oil, grease, polishing wax, anodized film, paint and dirt on the surface of aluminum alloy, especially the middle frame and back plate of aluminum alloy mobile phones.
detergent pentru oțel inoxidabil

Strong cleaning power: good solubility, low surface tension, strong permeability Low cost: recyclable

No corrosion to the workpiece surface, environmental protection and safety

Widely used in precision manufacturing, hardware processing, stainless steel parts and other surface degreasing, polishing wax, oxide degreasing, degreasing, no discoloration and oxidation after cleaning, and the effect is obvious.
Copper cleaning agent

Good cleaning effect and anti-oxidation

Stable in nature, can be used repeatedly, no corrosion to metals

Suitable for degreasing, dewaxing and descaling of various copper workpieces
Optical glass cleaner

Completely remove white spots, high cleanliness, protect the glass from discoloration, no fog, no scratches, no watermarks after cleaning

No residue, easy to rinse, environmentally friendly, odorless and does not hurt hands

For glass etching, CNC, engraving, strengthening, tempering, silk screen printing, grinding, polishing, before and after coating, it can be cleaned, mainly cleaning

Cutting fluid, potassium nitrate, polishing powder/fluid, ink, scale, dust, mildew, fingerprints and other contamination on glass, as well as flat grinding

After grinding powder and glass powder, etc., the cleaning yield rate is as high as 95% or more