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YHM7745Vertical milina fitotoana lafiny tokana

YHM7745Vertical milina fitotoana lafiny tokana

Main Function:

This machine tool is suitable for 4/6/8 inch silicon carbide, sapphire, gallium nitride plane processing, can achieve high precision of parts end face and high surface finish requirements processing.

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Fizarana milina mahazatra


Carbide Silicone




Galium nitride

Hevitra misongadina amin'ny fitaovana

● The bed adopts one-piece welded parts, and the column adopts high-grade cast iron casting, which has high precision stability, strong shock absorption capacity, and reasonable reinforcement arrangement improves the strength of the structure. Weldments and castings are treated by secondary annealing and shot blasting to make the basic parts more stable and reliable.
● The table rotation is supported by high-precision special turntable bearings, and the rotation is driven by servo motors and reducers to ensure the accuracy and stability of rotation.
● The angle of the grinding head and the table is adjustable, and the angle is convenient to detect, which can adapt to different continuous feed grinding methods.
●Equipped with a strong magnetic workbench, and controlled by the program.
● The Z-axis adopts precision ball screw and stable and reliable servo system, so that the upper and lower feeding tools maintain high precision and high stability.

Technical Parameter
workpieceMaximum machined workpiecemmΦ200(8 Inches)
Haavony ambony indrindramm200
ZShaftZ-axis diamm200
Z-axis Move fastMM / min200
Minimum feed unitmm0.001
Z-axis Grinding feed rateMM / min0.001-1
Fast table movement speedMM / min1000
WorkbenchTable rotational speedisa-minitra5-80(Rated power50)
Table diametermm450
The workbench bears loadkg300
Ny haavon'ny latabatramm900
The distance the table movesmm300
Motor fahefanaMivoatra motokW15
Môtô famaky ZkW1.5
Moto axis XkW1.5
Table rotating motorkW1.5
Power loharanotananaV-kW380-25
Air pressure sourcekgs/cm ²4-6(Stable)
SizeMain unit footprint (length× width × height)mm2600 × × 1800 2950
fametrahana mazava tsaraFahamarinana fametrahana z-axismm≤0.006
Z-axis repeatable positioning accuracymm≤0.004
The perpendicularity of the table to the Z axismm0.02
Spindle diameter jumpmm≤0.003
Grinding accuracy (thickness difference)mm≤0.005
Kodiarana fitotoanafamaritanamm450×40×360(Diamond grinding wheel)
Mihodina hafaingananaisa-minitra50-2800(Adjustable speed)