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YH2M8155 keturių ašių tikslumo vienpusio šlifavimo (poliravimo) staklės

YH2M8155 keturių ašių tikslumo vienpusio šlifavimo (poliravimo) staklės

Pagrindinė funkcija:

This machine is used for metal parts such as valve plate, valve plate, friction plate, rigid sealing ring, cylinder piston ring, oil pump blade, as well as non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as silicon wafer, wafer, quartz crystal, glass, ceramic and sapphire. Surface grinding and polishing.

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Įprastos apdirbtos dalys

1 pav

Silicon Wafer

2 pav


Įrangos akcentai

● This machine adopts eccentric planetary motion.

● The workpiece plate and polishing plate are directly driven by the reducer, and the speed is adjusted by the frequency converter.

● Adopt air cylinder + electric proportional valve to precisely control the pressure, adopt touch screen + PLC control mode.

Techninis parametras




Precision bottom plate size


1422 x 145

Platen size and material


φ550/SUS304 flatness≤5um

įrangos svoris



Device size (L*W*H)


X X 2255 1875 3300

Panel temperature detection system


Polishing liquid supply system


PP head cooling system


Bottom plate cooling system


Upper platen motor forced rotation (upper drive) 4 sets


Turning tool servo system


Full process control system

-Possess/can write 10-step process (50recipe)

Historical data storage and reading system

(temperature, speed, time, pressure)


Water Guns and Air Guns


Upper platen pressure and accuracy

-The maximum pressure of a single platen is 500kg/ea, the minimum pressure is 40kg/ea, and the pressure fluctuation and error are within 3%

Taikomas maitinimo šaltinis

-Power supply voltage: 380V±10%/220V±10%, power supply frequency: 50Hz±2%

equipment power


≦ 30

Oro slėgio reikalavimas


End pressure: 0.5~0.7

cooling water requirement

-Pressure: 2-4kg/cm2, flow: 10-16L/min. Temperature: 8-18℃

aplinkos poreikiai

-Aplinkos temperatūra: 0℃-45℃