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Yuhuan attend China (Beijing) International Machine Tool Show

Views: 242 Author: Жарыялоо убактысы: 2017-06-10

China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT) was founded in 1989 by the China Machine Tool &Tool Builders’Association. CIMT is the most prestigious International Machine Tool Exhibition in China, which was held every single year and is one of the world's four major international machine tool exhibition including EMO (European International Machine Tool Show), IMTS (Chicago International Machine Tool Show) and JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Show). The theme of the exhibition is "new demand • new supply / new power", attracting more than 1,600 outstanding domestic and foreign exhibitors and total of 300,000 visitors with great influence.

Our company prepare in advance, the staff selection of attending, hotel reservation, product information, workpiece for show and so on. In order to meet the theme of the exhibition, we decided bringing precision vertical double disc grinder with automatic production line which is invented by the team lead by VP Peng Guanqing for the main show. Moreover, in order to achieve better publicity, our company specially arranged a special seminar at the show speaking by the VP Peng to explain the advances and characters of this grinder.

The implementation"China made 2025" and "industrial 4.0" is pushing China industry into fast lane. The exhibition can be seen, most of the equipment manufacturing enterprises have long been ahead of the layout of automated production lines and digital workshop. Yuhuan as early as a few years ago to look to the future, digital workshop steadily built, and will play an important role in this year. This time will have cutting-edge technology and automatic production line with the automated production line to Beijing to meet with customers, we can see good intentions.

Шоунун мааниси корпоративдик имиджди жана маркетинг продуктуларын көрсөтүү гана эмес, ошондой эле биздин кызматкерлердин өзүн-өзү сыйлоонун көрүнүшү. Биз ишкананын имиджин жана мамилесин билдирүү үчүн каалаган убакта, каалаган жерде визиттик карточкабыз. Ал эми бардык Юхуан элинин көргөзмөчүлөрү, ал таза рух болобу, же тейлөө мамилеси болобу, Юхуань элинин стилин көрсөтүп, компаниянын үмүтүн актаган жок!

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