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Shenzhen Marketing Center of Yuhuan CNC Machine Tool Company Being Established

Views: 255 Author: Жарыялоо убактысы: 2018-01-12

With  the rapid business growth, Yuhuan CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has  achieved an increasingly remarkable product advantage in southern part  of China. In order to provide more excellent, more professional and  faster business response capability for our customers in southern part  of China, enlarge our influence and market share, in early 2018,  “Shenzhen Marketing Center of Yuhuan CNC Machine Tool Company” has been  formally established.

The  establishment of Shenzhen Marketing Center not only meets the need of  our market expansion, but also can launch a new starting point for our  development. It marks a critical step forward in our market strategy. We  will also further improve the marketing and service in East China and  abroad, and give full play to the advantages of the Company. Thus our  company is able to develop into an enlarged one which is more powerful  and robust so that our market competence is also able to be enhanced.  After our company went public in 2017, preparations for the  establishment of Shenzhen Marketing Center were started in just several  years, which reflects our determination and courage in developing the  market of Southern part of China.

Yuhuan  CNC Machine Tool Company will be committed to meeing users’ needs and  rapidly supplying reliable products for our customers. In future, Yuhuan  CNC Machine Tool Company will surely focus on cutting edge of  technology, and keep improving the service quality so as to provide  all-around service for our customers.

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