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YHM7445  Vertical single-side grinder

YHM7445 Vertical single-side grinder

Fungsi utama:

The machine is suitable for flat machining of 468in silicon carbide, sapphire and gallium nitride. It can achieve high precision and high Surface finish requirements for the end face of parts.

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Parts Machined Khas


Silicon carbide




Galium nitrida

Fitur utama

● The bed is made of one-piece welding parts and the column is made of high-grade cast iron. The precision and stability are high. The Welds and castings are treated by second annealing and shot blasting to make the basic parts more stable and reliable.

● The worktable is supported by high precision special turntable bearing, which is driven by servo motor and reducer to ensure the rotating accuracy and stability.

● The angle between the grinding head and the worktable can be adjusted, and the angle can be detected conveniently. It can adapt to different continuous feed grinding modes.

● Equipped with strong magnetic table, and by the program control magnetic.

● The z Axis uses the precision ball screw, collocates the stable reliable servo system, causes the up and down enters the knife to maintain the high accuracy and the high stability.

Parameter Teknis
Bahan kerjaMaksimum workpiece machinedΦ200mm(8in)
kekandelan maksimal200mm
Sumbu Zz-axis stroke200mm
Fast-moving speed Z200mm / min
unit pakan minimal0.001mm
grinding feed speed Z0.001-1mm / min
Tabelfast-moving speed of worktable1000mm / min
rotating speed of worktable5-80rpm(Rating50rpm)
diameter of worktable450mm
bearing capacity of worktable300kg
height of worktable900mm
moving distance of worktable300mm
motor listrikmotor spindle15kW
Motor sumbu Z1.5kW
Motor sumbu-X1.5kW
table rotating motor1.5kW

kumparanTorque70 Nm
sumber dayaSumber daya380V-25kW
air pressure source4-6kgs/cm²(Stable)
ukuranmain machine area (length × width × height)2600 × 1800 × 2950mm
bobot mesinAbout3.5t
ukuranAkurasi posisi sumbu Z≤0.006mm
Z-axis repeated positioning accuracy≤0.004mm
table and Z-axis verticality0.02mm
spindle diameter jump≤0.003mm
grinding accuracy (thickness difference)± 0.005mm
nggiling rodha;specification450×40×360mm(Diamond grinding wheel)
kacepetan muter50-2800rpm(Adjustable speed)