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YH2M4130E  Multilateral Polishing Machine

YH2M4130E Multilateral Polishing Machine

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The machine is suitable for the multi-sided shaping and polishing of thin sheet parts made of non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, glass, sapphire, etc.

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● The machine can polish the periphery of the parts. It can clamp many pieces at one time. The workpiece is clamped by the precision cylinder. The clamping cylinder is equipped with the precision pressure regulating valve, and the clamping pressure of the workpiece can be adjusted.

● The two polishing heads are driven by two independent motors, planetary reducer and gear reducer, which drive the workpiece to rotate When the workpiece is rotating, it can be either constant speed or variable acceleration or deceleration, so that different parts of the workpiece can get different speeds, making the polishing more uniform and better polishing effect; The periphery of the workpiece rotates under the drive of the motor, and moves left and right respectively through the screw rod, which is driven by the servo motor. Under the control of the PLC, it follows the contour of the workpiece automatically, good polishing effect.

● The polishing head is driven by servo motor to make up-and-down linear motion synchronously, so that the workpiece is polished evenly, no lines appear, and the polishing effect is good.

● Adopt PLC control, the control mode is flexible and reliable. The touch screen (with I/O point) is used as human-machine interface to display real-time information of alarm and machine status.

● The control components all use 24V power supply, the PLC power supply uses the isolation transformer power supply, reduces the outside power grid clutter interference to enhance the machine tool stability.

Parameter Teknis
Ukuran maksimum workpieceDiagonal or circular diameter of rectangular parts300mm
maximum thickness of workpiece for clamping180mm
size of polishing head (outside diameter × thickness)Φ290 × 235mm
rotating speed of polishing head50-1500rpm
rotating speed of workpiece0.5-3rpm
ascending and descending speed of polishing head5-350mm / min
motor power of polishing head3kW
motor power of workpiece rotation1.5kW
Polishing head lift daya motor0.4kW
polishing head moving motor power0.4kW
polishing head number2
shape size (length × width × height)1800 × 1250 × 2150mm
bobot mesin2500kg