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YHJ2M86108Automatic positioning surface polishing machine

YHJ2M86108Automatic positioning surface polishing machine

Funzione principale:

This equipment is intermittent multi-station, multi-process, synchronous and high-efficiency surface polishing equipment. The upper disc adopts 2 independent lifting and adjusting polishing discs, which can install different consumables at the same time, the lower workpiece disc adopts 3 stations, 3 stations intermittent rotation, can realize 2 stations of simultaneous processing, the third station for the process of taking and placing workpieces, so as to achieve uninterrupted working mode, and reserve automatic loading and unloading interface, convenient to realize automatic assembly line operation.

The equipment is mainly used for single-sided polishing of the surface polishing of iPad back panel, laptop panel, keyboard board, powder metallurgy shell surface polishing, mobile phone metal shell, cover plate and other hard and brittle materials on special-shaped surfaces.

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Parti tipiche lavorate


iPad back plate


Iaptop panel and keyboard


Metallurgia delle polveri


Mobile phone metal cover

Punti salienti dell'attrezzatura

● The lower plate of the 3 sets of stations is equipped with independent servo motor drive, which can independently control, speed regulation and forward and reverse.
● It adopts a new vacuum adsorption structure and vacuum control system, which can independently control the vacuum adsorption of each group of stations.
● With a pressure sensor, the polishing pressure on the product can be monitored in real time and adjusted in real time.
●Each upper plate station can be configured with different polishing consumables according to different process requirements, and the speed and direction can be controlled separately.
●The lower coil station can backwash the vacuum pipeline separately, with high backwash pressure and fast efficiency, which greatly reduces the amount of water.
●With independent workpiece cleaning and air sweeping cleaning mechanism, so that the finished workpiece is cleaner.
●The upper disc has a mechanical safety locking function during shutdown to prevent the hidden danger of the upper disc falling during the replacement of consumables or maintenance.

Parametro tecnico
Sul piattommΦ1088(2 in total)
Lower plate (fixture plate)mmΦ500(9in total)
Processing dimensionsmm490
Polishing consumables-Sponge sand, scouring pads, carbon brushes and other polishing materials
Upper polishing disc speedrpm0-118
Velocità rotazione piatto inferiorerpm0-42
Lower plate revolution speedrpm0-14
Upper disc master cylinder boremmΦ125
Upper plate strokemm300
Upper plate motor (power, speed)Kw,rpm4,1450(3-phase asynchronous frequency conversion speed regulation, a total of 2)
Lower disc planetary motorKw,rpm2.9,1500(Servo motors, 3 in total)
Lower disc transposition motorKw,rpm4,1500(Servo motors)
Intervallo di impostazione dell'oras0-9999
Compressed air volumeMpa0.50-0.8
Consumo d'ariaL / min≤ 30
Device voltageV, HZ380,50
Total power of the devicekW22.5
Dimensioni (L × W × H)mmAbout 2800×2900×3450
Qualità dell'attrezzaturakg7700 circa