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YHM7430High-precision vertical single-sided grinding machine

YHM7430High-precision vertical single-sided grinding machine

Funzione principale:

This machine tool is an automatic, high-efficiency machine tool, suitable for batch processing of parts, mainly used for single-sided grinding parts plane, the use of CBN grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel for sapphire, glass, ceramics, semiconductors and other metal and non-metallic hard and brittle materials for efficient precision single-sided grinding and thinning processing; It can be widely used for single-sided grinding and thin processing of LED sapphire substrates, semiconductors and other products.

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Punti salienti dell'attrezzatura

● The machine tool adopts IN-FEED feed grinding theory, the servo motor drives the grinding wheel to move vertically, and the lower disk is driven by servo and synchronous belt, which can rotate in the same direction or opposite direction with the grinding wheel according to the needs of the process.
● This machine tool adopts precision cross roller bearing + deep groove ball bearing to support the workpiece spindle, which has high rigidity and precision; Vacuum adsorption method is used for clamping
Tooling or workpiece.
● The grinding head adopts an electric spindle to drive the grinding wheel to rotate, and adopts the classic screw + line rail + servo motor mode to drive vertical feed; The Z-axis adopts high-precision grating closed-loop feedback to control the Z-axis feed accuracy.
● The use of dual probe measuring instrument Marposs D-Model+2Unimar can achieve precise control of the grinding thickness dimensional error of the workpiece.
● Adopt interactive man-machine interface (touch screen), precise control and simple to use.

Parametro tecnico
Diametro molammΦ380
Parti lavorateDiametro esterno massimommΦ300
Electrospindle spindleRuota la velocitàgiri / min100-250
Z ShaftItinerariomm125
Unità di ingresso minimamm0.001
Muoviti velocementemm / min400
Alimentazione massimamm/sec5
Risoluzione minimaum0.1
banco di lavoroCorsa di alimentazionemm400
Muoviti velocementem / min10
Ruota la velocitàgiri / min5-350
Measure repeatability onlineum± 0.5
In-line thickness measurement resolutionum0.1
Precisione di lavorazioneTTV monolithicum3
TTV sheet to pieceum± 3
Peso totalekg2100