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YHMGK1720 Precision CNC Multifunctional Cylindrical Grinder

YHMGK1720 Precision CNC Multifunctional Cylindrical Grinder

Funzione principale:

The machine is aprecision numerical control multifunctional grinding machine which can finish the processes of grinding silicon carbide, sapphire and other crystal ingots, cutting and grinding reference variable edges or grinding
V-Ntoch notch at one time.

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Parti tipiche lavorate


Silicon ingot


Sapphire ingot

Parametro tecnico
Articolo / ModelloUnitàYHMGK1720
Prodotti trasformati-Silicon carbide and sapphire ingot grinding
Procedura di elaborazione-Ingot cylindrical grinding, cutting grinding reference variable edge grinding V-Ntoch notch
Diameter range of workpiecemmΦ100-Φ210
Length range of workpiecemm10-500
Main grinding wheel diametermmΦ135
Main grinding wheel speedgiri / min5000-12000
V-Ntosh Notch Grinding Wheel DiametermmΦ120
V-Ntosh notch grinding wheel speedgiri / min2000-3000
Outer cylinder accuracymm0.01
Outer cylinder diametermmΦ100
Length of the outer cylindermm50
Dimensione (L × W × H)mm3600×3500×2880(including water tank)