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YH2M8630 Multiple Spindle CNC Lucidatrice

YH2M8630 Multiple Spindle CNC Lucidatrice

Funzione principali:

It is designed for 2.5D & 3D profile sanding & polishing of precision parts in various shapes. The machine is widely applied in electronic manufacturing, like mobile phone or watch glass cover, metal housing, back cover, ceramics and sapphire.

Appricazzioni tipica

This equipment is mainly used for lapping and polishing both sides of the parallel surface of thin metal and hard brittle nonmetal parts, such as silicon, sapphire crystal, ceramic, optical glass, quartz crystal and other semiconductor materials.

Specìfica principali
Diametru di testa di lucidatura (OD)mm20×φ50~φ180
Dimensione di u travagliummDiagonal length≤180mm
Velocità di lucidatura di a testarpm10 ~ 3000
X colpu muventemm350
Y colpu muventemm400
Z colpu muventemm400
Un colpu cummuvente
-30 ° ~ 360 °
Dimensioni complessive (L x W x H)mm1900x2100 x 2000

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