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Mòlta vertical d'una sola cara d'alta precisió YHM7430

Mòlta vertical d'una sola cara d'alta precisió YHM7430

Funció principal:

This machine is automatic, high efficiency machine tool, suitable for batch processing parts, mainly used for one-sided grinding parts of the plane, cBN wheel and diamond wheel are used to thin sapphire, glass, ceramics, semiconductors and other metal and non-metal hard brittle materials Can be widely used in LED sapphire substrate, semiconductor products such as single-side grinding thin processing.

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Característica principal

● The machine adopts IN-FEED grinding theory, the servo motor drives the grinding wheel to move in the vertical direction, the lower disc is driven by the servo and synchronous belt, it can rotate with the grinding wheel in the same direction or in the opposite direction according to the process requirement.

● The machine adopts precision cross roller bearing + deep groove ball bearing to support the spindle of workpiece, which is rigid and high precision, and adopts vacuum adsorption to clamp the tooling or workpiece.

● The grinding head adopts the electric spindle to drive the grinding wheel to rotate, adopts the classical way of screw rod + line rail + servo motor to drive the vertical feed, and uses the high-precision grating closed-loop feedback to control the Z-axis feed precision.

● Using double-probe measuring instrument mabis D-Model + 2Unimar, the error of grinding thickness can be controlled accurately.

● The use of interactive man-machine interface (touch screen) , accurate control, easy to use.

paràmetre tècnic
Diameter of grinding wheelΦ380mm
Peça de treballMaximum outside diameterΦ300mm
motorized spindle spindleaccelerar100-2500r / min
poder11 kW
eix zcarrera125mm
poder0.4 kW
minimum feed unit0.001mm
fast-moving speed400mm / min
maximum feed5mm / s
minimum resolution0.1 μm
taula de treballfeed travel400mm
fast-moving speed10 m / min
accelerar5-350r / min
On-line measurement of repeated positioning accuracy± 0.5 μm
On-line thickness measurement resolution0.1 μm
Precisió de mecanitzatTTV Monolithic3 μm
TTV Between slices± 3 μm
Pes de tota la màquina3500kg


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