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Líquid de poliment/pols de poliment
Líquid de poliment/pols de poliment
Líquid de poliment/pols de poliment

Líquid de poliment/pols de poliment

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Cerium oxide polishing liquidSuitable for precision optical glass of various hardness, mobile phone cover glass; not easy to scratch, uniform particles, high stability, good suspension, long service life and other advantagesThis product is mainly used for polishing process of protective sheet, front and rear cover, 3D glass cover, precision optical glass


diamond slurryUsing the best quality micro-powder raw materials, combined with imported high-dispersity formula, it can maintain high cutting force and is not easy to be scratched. The grinding rate of the product is stable and the polished surface is good.Semiconductor processing, single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon, sapphire substrate, sapphire window; ceramic material processing; zirconia fingerprint identification sheet, zirconia ceramic mobile phone back shell and other ceramics; metal material processing stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cemented carbide and others metallic material


Silica Polishing FluidWith high purity, high polishing rate, easy cleaning, uniform particle sizeMonocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, blue glass, laser crystal sapphire substrates, optical crystals, ceramics, aluminum alloys, precision metals


Alumina polishing liquidStable crystal, high hardness, uniform distribution, strong grinding force, fast polishing, high luminosity, good mirror effectSuitable for precision polishing of crystal surfaces, gemstones, optical lenses, glass-ceramic substrates, glass products, metal products, semiconductor materials, etc.


Silicon carbide polishing liquidIt has the characteristics of good dispersion, uniform particle size, high hardness and high polishing efficiency.Grinding and polishing of optical fiber connectors, hard disk substrates, various optical glasses, ceramics and various cemented carbides


Zirconia polishing liquidHigh efficiency, high finish, long service life, strong suspension, easy to clean, etc.for soft glass


Alumina polishing liquid for stainless steelThe solid content of the product is 25%; it is used in a 2:1 dilution cycle, and it is added during the process; the pH value is 4-6; the median particle size is 0.8-1.0 for D50 and 6 microns for D100; Foaming, no odor and no irritation; RoHS compliance; high grinding efficiency, uniform, fine, no scratches

Suitable for fine polishing of stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc.;

, white leather, blanket or black leather use: five-axis equipment, flat grinding, stacking



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