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Placa giratòria flotant d'aire d'alta precisió YHJ

Placa giratòria flotant d'aire d'alta precisió YHJ

Funció principal:

The product has the characteristics of large load bearing, high radial and axial stiffness, good angular stiffness and low height. Is a variety of high-precision measurement, optical measurement assembly processing, chip semiconductor measurement processing, full physical simulation equipment and other industries is an excellent choice.

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               Gear measuring center                         Grinding and thinning equipment

Característica principal

● High accuracy: gas lubrication, ultra-high rotary accuracy.

● High response: low friction coefficient, very high response speed.

● No pollution: no mineral oil pollution.

● Long life: no contact no wear, long service life.

● Personalized customization: high-precision air-bearing table patent technology, support personalized customization.

paràmetre tècnic

Standard editionmodernització
Mida de la taulaΦ325mm
Càrrega màxima2000N
Velocitat nominal100 rpm
Parell nominal19 Nm
Radial stiffness260N/μm
Axial stiffness1200N/μm
Allowable maximum off-load (2000N full load)60 Nm
Allowable maximum off-load (no load)45 Nm
Gas supply pressure0.5±0.05 Mpa
Axial runout error1 μm0.2 μm
Radial runout error1.5 μm0.5 μm
Positioning accuracy10 rad s3 rad s
Repeated positioning accuracy4 rad s1.5 rad s


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