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Dobre vijesti Kompanija je nagrađena titulom Naprednog privatnog preduzeća za slavnu stvar. Generalni direktor Xu Yanming je nagrađen 15. izvrsnim predsjedavajućim Changsha federacije industrije i trgovine (Privredna komora).

Pregledi: 21 Autor: Vrijeme objavljivanja: 2023-11-29

        On November 23, 2023, the Changsha Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) held the 15th Third Executive Committee Meeting. Mr. Kang Zhenlin, Vice Mayor of Changsha Municipal People's Government and Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce (FICCI), attended the meeting and delivered the Report on the Work of the Executive Committee. The city's outstanding private entrepreneurs and representatives of business associations totaled more than 290 people attended the meeting. Ms. Xu Yanming, the rotating chairman of Changsha Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) and general manager of the Company, was invited to attend.

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        During the meeting, the company was awarded the title of "Advanced Private Enterprise for Glorious Cause" by the Changsha Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce), and the general manager of the company, Ms. Xu Yanming, was awarded as the 15th Outstanding Rotating Chairwoman (President) of the Changsha Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce).

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        In 2023, in the face of the complex international economic environment and weak recovery of the domestic economic situation, the company adheres to the "specialization, specialization and innovation" development route, giving full play to the core advantages of scientific and technological innovation, through the enhancement of technology and research and development, to provide solutions for the industry's newest grinding equipment needs. The development of enterprises can not be separated from the support of the government and the people, General Manager Xu Yanming, as the vice president of Changsha Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce), in the continuous consolidation of the foundation of enterprise development, effectively improve the core competitiveness of the company to maintain its own high-quality development at the same time, leading the company to actively fulfill their social responsibilities, through material donations, visits and condolences, love to help the school and other ways to solidly contribute to the rural revitalization of the town's construction of the twinning work. She said that it is an honor, but also a responsibility to be awarded as the outstanding rotating president.

        In the future, Yuhuan CNC will continue to plough into the main business of precision grinding and intelligent equipment, through scientific and technological innovation to solve the industry's neck problems, to achieve product import substitution; at the same time, it will actively carry out public welfare undertakings, to give back to the community with practical action, for the implementation of the strategy of "strong provincial capital", and promote the high-quality development of Changsha and modernization to contribute to the "power of Yuhuan".

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