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YHJ2M77120Высокадакладны вертыкальны двухбаковы шліфавальны станок

YHJ2M77120Высокадакладны вертыкальны двухбаковы шліфавальны станок

Асноўныя функцыі:

YHJ2M77120 high-precision vertical double-sided grinding machine is a double-sided thinning machine independently developed and designed by Yuhuan Precision. The machine tool can be widely used in thin sheet parts made of non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as silicon carbide, quartz crystal, sapphire, etc., as well as double-sided thinning grinding of metal parts such as valve plates, valve plates, cylinder piston rings, oil pump blades, etc.

Катэгорыя: Цэнтр прадукту
Ключавыя словы: Юйхуань

Тыповыя апрацаваныя дэталі


карбід крэмнія


Крышталь кварца  



Асноўныя моманты абсталявання

● The axial direction of the lower disc adopts the bearing structure of hydrostatic rotary table, which has the characteristics of high precision and high rigidity, and has good accuracy retention for high-pressure loading grinding processing.
● The inner and outer ring gear of the upper and lower discs adopts four-motor independent drive, and the process adjustment range is wide, and the process parameters can be flexibly adjusted according to different material products.
● The upper plate adopts a floating cylinder mechanism to adjust the balance, and the four groups of floating cylinders are arranged symmetrically and evenly to improve the processing efficiency on the premise of maintaining processing accuracy.
●The upper and lower plates have independent cooling channels to cool the grinding disc, and the upper and lower discs are equipped with multi-point temperature sensors (with wireless sensing), which control and adjust the refrigeration capacity through real-time temperature monitoring to ensure that the temperature of the grinding disc is uniform and constant.
● Equipped with online inspection system (optional), to achieve simultaneous processing and testing, high processing qualification rate.

Тэхнічныя параметры
TTV of individual wafer substrate thicknessмкм≤ 1.5
The difference in thickness between wafer substratesмкм≤ 3
Minimum wafer substrate thicknessмкм350
Wafer substrate flatnessмкм≤ 1.5
Wafer substrate chemical polishing roughnessNm≤Ra8
Upper and lower disc flatnessmm≤ 0.01
Maximum loading pressure on the upper platet2
Maximum stroke on the upper platemm500
Upper polishing disc sizemmΦ1140 × Φ385 × 50
The lower disc jumpsmm
Меншы памер паліравальнага дыскаmmΦ1140 × Φ385 × 80
External ring gear lift heightmm24-28
Lower disc hydrostatic bearings have maximum load capacityt7
Upper disc speedабаротаў у хвіліну5-80
Паменшыце хуткасць дыскаабаротаў у хвіліну5-80
Upper disc motor powerkW18.5
Lower motor powerkW18.5
Solar wheel rotational speedабаротаў у хвіліну5-100
Solar wheel powerkW4.4
External ring gear speedабаротаў у хвіліну1-26
External ring gear motor powerkW4.4
External ring gear motor powerКавалак5
Wafer processing specificationsЦаля≤8”(For proofing),6”(Commonly used
Вага прыладыt4.5