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YHJ2M81190A Hoë Presisie Enkel Oppervlak Poleer masjien

YHJ2M81190A Hoë Presisie Enkel Oppervlak Poleer masjien


Mainly used for fine grinding and polishing of large-size plane in the optical, electronics,
mechanism, such as rubber plate prisms, optical flat crystal, liquid crystal display sheet,
IC shading film, crystal, filter glass, sapphire glass, quartz crystal, silicon wafer, ceramics
and other components, as well as STN_x0002_LCD,CSTN-LCD, sheet glass substrate and other
hard and brittle materials of high precision, high efficiency single-sided polishing.

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     Large size glass

Main Feature

● The rotation of the bottom polishing disc is driven by frequency conversion motor, which is installed on the bottom plate of the equipment bed. The mechanical rigidity of this part is high, the coupling can absorb the vibration of the part, and the vibration can not occur when polishing, which is beneficial to improve the polishing quality of the product.

● PLC and touch screen control, in the touch screen can be preset under different pressure process parameters.

● The drive motor adopts advanced and reliable frequency converter to realize the stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, and the upper and lower disks can be controlled according to the process requirements.

● The lower plate is arranged with vacuum air path, the workpiece can be fixed by adsorption pad and vacuum, and the workpiece can be broken by positive pressure and blow back after processing, so that the workpiece can be disassembled conveniently.

● The upper plate lifting and tilting are controlled by cylinder, with solenoid valve and electric proportional valve, the cylinder is stable and reliable, and the polishing pressure is accurately controlled.

● Adopt imported brand electronic control proportional valve, fine-adjust the air pressure to accurately control the pressure under the lapping plate, with PLC automatic control, can accurately set the initial pressure and lapping pressure.

● The process is controlled by PLC: time, pressure and speed can be controlled.

● Automatic control of the grinding fluid circulation system, so that the grinding fluid repeatedly back to the mixing barrel, reduce the cost of using materials.

● Equipment structure and system are self-development, can achieve according to customer demand customization effect.

● Man-machine operating system is convenient for people to control the setting, can be added according to customer needs setting function.

Tegniese Parameter
Machine dimensions (length × width × height)Ongeveer 3600×2850×2950mmSize of lower polishing discφ1900mm,Flatness tolerance±0.01mmRoermotor200W
polishing pump500W / 600W
Gewig van toerustingoor 11000kgsize of upper polishing discφ1300mm,Flatness tolerance±0.01mmscraper module motor750W
Kragbron spanning3N380V50HZlower polishing disc motor22kW1450rpm3N380V
Geïnstalleerde kapasiteitAbout 30KVAmaximum size of workpieceUp-stick type: circular workpiece (or diagonal)≤1250mm ;down-stick type: circular workpiece (or diagonal)≤1850mm
Air Supply voltage0.5-0.6MPax-axis servo motor2.9kW1500rpm3N380V
Pure water pressure0.1-0.2MPapolishing time setting range0-9999
Laer poleerskyf rotasiespoed0-50rpmvolume of polishing liquid barrel60L

Optional manipulator parameters
ProjectYuHuan Industrial robotsTipeGewrigstipe
vrag25kgAs hoeveelheid6
body quality191kgARM length1808mm
beskermingsgraadwhole IP54/4,5,6AxisIP67Herhaal die posisie akkuraatheid± 0.08
Omvang van bewegingMaximum joint speed
J1Axis-Spin± 180 °J2Robotic arms--77~+203°J1Axis-Spin175 ° / sJ2Robotic arms-162 ° / s
J3Robotic arms-Up and down-77~+203°J4Robotic wrists-Up and down± 180 °J3Robotic arms-Up and down171 ° / sJ4Robotic wrists-Spin417 ° / s
J3Robotic wrists-Up and down± 125 °J6Robotic wrists-Twist± 360 °J3Robotic wrists-Up and down336 ° / sJ6Robotic wrists-Twist456 ° / s


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