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YHM450A Single Disc Grinding Machine

YHM450A Single Disc Grinding Machine

Main Function:

The machine is specifically designed for fast & precision grinding of single surface of hard and brittle metal materials such as hard alloy, glass and ceramic.

Typical Applications

Hard alloy, glass, ceramics, silicon wafer etc

Main Specification
Dimension of partsmm320(diagonal size)
Thickness of partsmm≥0.4
Size of grinding wheelmmФ440×Ф65×Ф350(diamondwheel)
Power of wheelhead motorKw15
Wheel head speedrpm100~950
Power of feeding carrier motorKwSwing servo motor:3.5Kw
Rotation servo motor:0.75 Kw
Feeding carrier speedrpmSwing speed:1~16
Rotation speed:5~150
Plainness and parallelismmm≤0.002
Surface roughnessμm≤Ra0.16
Total WeightKg6000
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)mm2650×1500×2650

DDG, Single Surface Grinding,450


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