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YHDM7758 Vertical Double Disc Grinding Machine

YHDM7758 Vertical Double Disc Grinding Machine

Main Function:

The machine is suitable for high-precision synchronous grinding of two parallel surfaces of flat parts in various shapes, especially those components that have stringent tolerance requirements for parallelism and flatness, like outer & inner ring of bearings, rotor & stator of oil pumps.

Typical Applications

Bearings Inner and outer ring, inner and outer rotor of oil pump, etc.

Main Specification
Dimension of partsmmDisc-shaped part:Ф12~Ф120
Thickness of partsmm0.8~50
Size of grinding wheelmmФ585×Ф195×65(diamond /CBN wheel)
Power of wheelhead motorKw22Kw×2
Wheel head speedrpm150~950
Power of feeding carrier motorKw0.75 Kw
Feeding carrier speedrpm1~10
Plainness and parallelismmm≤0.003
Surface roughnessμm≤Ra0.32
Total WeightKg12000
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)mm2800×2150×2900

DDG, Double disc grinding,7758


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