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YHDM750A Double Disc Grinding Machine

YHDM750A Double Disc Grinding Machine

Main Function:

It is designed for grinding the two parallel side surfaces of the various high precise and thin work pieces with round and abnormal shape, no matter made of metal or nonmetal material, can be processed. Such as bearing, valve plate, seal, oil pump vane, piston ring, etc.

Typical Applications

The device can be processed by a variety of special-shaped parts of the workpiece and the circular metal, non-metallic thin parts (bearings, valves, aluminum alloy plate, seals, oil pump blades, piston rings, etc.), such as:valve plate,piston ring,gasket ring.

Main Specification
Dimension of partsmmDisc-shaped part:Ф50~Ф180
Thickness of partsmm1.2~60
Size of grinding wheelmmФ750×Ф195×75(diamond /CBN wheel)
Power of wheelhead motorKw30Kw×2
Wheel head speedrpm150~890
Power of feeding carrier motorKw2.2
Feeding carrier speedrpm1~10
Plainness and parallelismmm≤0.005
Surface roughnessμm≤Ra0.32
Total WeightKg12000
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)mm2840×3140×2880

DDG, Double disc grinding,750


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