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YH2M8432C/13B-9L/8432E/8436B/18B High precision vertical double-side surface lapping machine

YH2M8432C/13B-9L/8432E/8436B/18B High precision vertical double-side surface lapping machine

Main Function:

It is used for the lapping/polishing of double surfaces of metal parts, such as valve plate, rigid seal ring, oil pump blade, as well as laminated non-metal parts of hard & brittle materials like silicon, germanium, quartz, glass, ceramic, sapphire, gallium arsenide, ferrite, lithium niobate, etc.

Typical Applications

This equipment is mainly used for lapping and polishing both sides of the parallel surface of thin metal and hardbrittle nonmetal parts, such as silicon, sapphire crystal, ceramic, optical glass, quartz crystal and other semiconductor materials.

Main Specification
Lapping plate size (OD×ID×T)mmФ1070×Ф495×Ф45Ф978×Ф558×Ф45Ф1070×Ф495×Ф45Ф1140×Ф375×Ф45Ф1280×Ф449×Ф45
Planetary wheel
P=15.875DP=12P=16.842 Z=60P=15.875 Z=84P=21.053 Z=71
Number of planetary wheelsn3≤n≤73≤n≤93≤n≤73≤n≤53≤n≤5
Max size of workpiecemmФ280(diagnol)Ф180(diagnol)Ф280(diagnol)Ф360(diagnol)Ф420(diagnol)
Min thickness of workpiecemm0.40.6
Flatness of lapped workpiecemm0.006(Ф100)
Flatness of polished workpiecemm0.008(Ф100)
Surface roughness of lapped workpiece
Surface roughness of polished workpiece
Overall diamension(L×W×H)mm1640×1440×27001650×1300×26501510×1450×26501800×1500×26502200×1750×2690
Totak weightKg35002600320030005000

Double surface lapping


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