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YH2M8192/8192Ⅱ/8195  Vertical Single Surface Polishing/Lapping Machine

YH2M8192/8192Ⅱ/8195 Vertical Single Surface Polishing/Lapping Machine

Main Function:

It is used for the lapping/polishing of single surface of metal parts, such as valve plate,piston ring and oil pump blade, as well as laminated non-metal parts of hard & brittle materials like glass, ceramic, sapphire, etc

Typical Applications

The device can be processed parts including valve plate, valve plate, aluminum alloy cover plate, glass, ceramics, sapphire, etc. such as: valve plate, glass cover, sapphire wafer, ceramic sheet.

Main Specification
Lapping plate size (OD×T)mmФ914×35Ф952×35
Woring ring size (OD×ID×T)mmФ410×Ф368×60(3pcs)Ф400×Ф375×60(4pcs)
Max size of work-piecemmФ300Ф320
Max flatness of lapped/polished work-pieceum0.005(Ф80)/0.008(Ф80)
Max surface roughness of lapped/polishing work-pieceumRa0.15/Ra0.05
Lapping plate speedrpm5~90rpm(stepless)
Lapping plate motor
7.5Kw, rated speed; 1450rpm11Kw, rated speed; 1450rpm
Air cylinder stroke(bore×stroke)
No. of working ringsPiece34
Overall dimensions(L*W*H)
Total weightKg200025002800

Single surface polishing/8195


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