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Yuhuan International Co., Ltd. was established in Singapore to accelerate the company’s global layout

Views: 14 Author: Publish Time: 2023-12-12

With the deepening of globalization, enterprises "going global" has become a development trend. The company established an Indian office in 2019 to expand into the Southeast Asian market. In July this year, the company continued to accelerate its global layout: it registered and established its first overseas company "Yuhuan International Co., Ltd." in Singapore, responsible for formulating and executing global strategies and promoting the development and operation of global business. This important move by Yuhuan Group will undoubtedly lay a solid foundation for the company's future development and enhance its global influence.

As the overseas strategy continues to deepen, the company continues to expand its international competitive advantages by continuously deploying new products and new areas. It has developed YH2M22B/16B high-precision double-sided grinding and polishing machines for processing single crystal silicon; YHM7445 vertical single-sided grinders and YHMGK1720 precision CNC multi-functional cylindrical grinders for processing crystal ingots; YHDM580 series high-precision series for processing ceramic substrates High-end products such as double-end grinder and YHJMKG2880 high-precision CNC compound vertical grinder, YHJMKG73100 high-precision turntable grinder whose processing accuracy reaches the international advanced level.


The gradually improved overseas channels and new product layout will help the company continue to grow steadily. The establishment of Yuhuan International Co., Ltd. is not only part of the internationalization strategy of Yuhuan Group, but also an important driving force for the future development of Yuhuan Group. In this era of globalization and diversification, overseas market layout will provide us with unlimited opportunities.

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