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YuHuan CNC undertakes China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2023) Hunan Machine tool new product release conference

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The eighteen TH China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2023) is 2023 in Beijing from April 10 to 15. In order to further promote the implementation of the“Three-high and four-new” strategy and the construction of a strong provincial capital, to better promote Hunan machine tool new technology, new products, and promote the high-quality development of Hunan machine tool industry, hunan Machine Tool Industry Association, under the guidance of Changsha Bureau of Industry and information technology, presided over the“Hunan machine tool industry new technology new product introduction conference.”YuHuan CNC , Taijia shares and other five key enterprises carried out new technology and new products. The event is organized by YuHuan CNC company. Xu Wang Xu, vice president of the China Machine Tool and tool industry association, and Liang Yan, director of the military and Civil Affairs Department of the Changsha Bureau of Industry and information technology, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Xu Shixiong, honorary president of the Association, and Zhu Genghong, president of the association, addressed the meeting, YuHuan CNC general manager Xu Yanming and other leaders attended the meeting and speech, exhibitors and customer representatives more than 100 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the secretary-general of the association, Edin.

General manager Xu Yanming delivered a speech, she said the seminar is of great significance, let the world know Hunan Machine Tool, let Hunan machine tool to the world effective carrier. Xu pointed out that the development of machine tool industry must be deeply integrated with digital and intelligent technology, which is also a solid guarantee for Hunan machine tool to enter the world. In her speech, Zhu introduced the development of the CNC machine tool industry in Changsha in recent years and thanked the China Machine Tool Association and the Changsha government for their great attention and support to the CNC machine tool industry in Changsha. It is hoped that enterprises will take the promotion meeting as an opportunity to strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation and make new contributions to the development of Hunan high-end CNC machine tool industry.


Wang Xu, executive vice-president of the China Machine Tool Industry Association, congratulated on the opening of the conference and gave full recognition and encouragement to the development of the machine tool industry in Hunan, the situation and future prospect of the machine tool industry in China are also introduced. He Jianguo, chief expert and honorary president of Hunan Machine Tool Industry Association, made a thematic report on Hunan machine tool industry background, characteristics and future development direction.


In his speech, director Liang Yan pointed out that the Hunan CNC machine tool industry has its foundation, features and benefits from continuous and strong policy guarantee, huge market development prospects and further cooperation among industry, universities and research institutes, it is worth looking forward to the industry's development momentum. She hoped that CNC machine tool enterprises will strengthen the promotion and application of their products, adhere to the new development path of specialization and further expand open cooperation, and make greater contributions to the construction of strong provincial capitals and the development of the national high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

Introduction of new products




At the meeting, Taijia stock, YuHuan precision, southern machine tools, YuHuan CNC and Jinling Machine Tools, five units respectively bring 2023 saw cutting new product promotion, high-precision CNC compound vertical grinding YHJMG2880, future broaching machine development direction and broaching process, difficult-to-machine parts double-sided grinder technology and equipment, CNC machine tools key technology and automatic production line, etc. , fully demonstrated the achievements of the development of CNC machine tool industry in our province, showing the style of enterprise innovation and development, creating more opportunities for exchange and cooperation.

After the meeting, the Association and Representatives expressed their gratitude to YuHuan CNC for successfully hosting the event, and also fully demonstrated YuHuan CNC as Hunan machine tool industry“Chain main” enterprise responsibility and responsibility.

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