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YH2M8590  Multiple spindle CNC polishing machine

YH2M8590 Multiple spindle CNC polishing machine

Main Function:

It is designed for polishing of 3D curved surface, side surface and finish polish of materials like glass, ceramics, aluminium alloy, sapphire, etc.

Typical Applications

This equipment is mainly used for lapping and polishing both sides of the parallel surface of thin metal and hardbrittle nonmetal parts, such as silicon, sapphire crystal, ceramic, optical glass, quartz crystal and other semiconductor materials.

Main Specification
Polishing head diameter (OD)mm20×φ50
Workstation sizemm190×200
Workpiece sizemmMin:45×60mm
downward inclined radian angle﹤18°
Polishing head speedrpm50~800
X moving strokemm250
Y moving strokemm450
Z moving strokemm350
A moving stroke
C moving stroke
Rotary station distancemm192
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)mm2050x2250 x 2500

Multiple spindle, lapping, polishing


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