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Cutting Fluid
Cutting Fluid
Cutting Fluid

Cutting Fluid

Main Function:

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Technical Parameter




Material Coding

Fine grinding fluid

It has good lubricity, which can obviously improve the surface precision of processed products; good rust resistance, no bad irritating odorIt is suitable for surface grinding, cylindrical grinding and other processing technologies such as cutting and grinding of stainless steel, ferrous metals, and actinic glass.


Aluminum alloy cutting fluid

Long service life, wide range of use, strong lubricity, can be used for various metal cuttingSuitable for all kinds of precision metal shells and parts, turning, tapping


Stainless steel cutting fluid

Good lubricity, super lubricity to stainless steel and ferrous metals. Good cooling and cleaning can improve the finish of the workpiece and reduce the frictional resistance and load of the knife edgeWidely used in cutting, grinding and other processes of various stainless steel and ferrous metals


Magnesium alloy cutting fluid

It can effectively prevent the surface of magnesium alloy from blackening and discoloration, improve the smoothness of magnesium alloy, and has strong resistance to hard water and strong biological stability.Mainly used in the cutting of magnesium alloy materials, also suitable for general metal processing



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