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YHJ direct-driven motorized spindle

YHJ direct-driven motorized spindle

Main Function:

It is suitable for the matching use of precision machining equipment. High-torque, high-precision integrated motorized spindle, used in CNC grinders, machining centers, milling machines, drilling machines, special machines and other equipment, to provide high-precision, low temperature rise of the best performance, dynamic balance accuracy G0.4.

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Typical Machined Parts


External Grinder            Internal Grinder              Vertical Grinder            Machining Center

Main Feature

● The principle of this machine is that the workpiece turntable which is slightly larger than the silicon wafer is used, the workpiece is in the center of the workpiece turntable through the vacuum sucker, and the edge of the grinding wheel is adjusted to the center position of the workpiece, the workpiece and the grinding wheel revolve around their respective axes to make cutting and thinning. The contact length, contact area and cutting angle between the grinding wheel and the work are unchanged, the phenomenon of middle convex and collapse edge can be avoided. Especially for the thinner workpiece performance is more obvious.

● The main shaft of up and down lapping adopts the structure of air bearing, because there is no friction between the stator and the rotor, the wear degree is reduced to the minimum, so as to ensure that the precision is always stable.

● The resistance of air bearing is lower, allowing higher speed and keeping lower vibration level at the same time.

● The precision and repeatable motion of the air-bearing spindle results in excellent surface luminosity. Because hardness is provided by a constant flow of air through the bearing, the forces exerted on the rotor by external loads are distributed steadily at all points of its rotation. This characteristic is closely related to the good surface luminosity produced during grinding.

● The base is made of cast marble, and the Z-axis feed column is made of marble to improve the rigidity and stability of the machine.

Technical Parameter

Motor typePermanent magnet synchronizationPermanent magnet synchronizationPermanent magnet synchronizationPermanent magnet synchronization
rated power11.5kW31kW30kW30kW
rated voltage380V380V380V380V
rated current37A60A60A65A
rated torque18N.m130N.m84N.m42N.m
rated speed7500rpm2300rpm3000rpm6800rpm
maximum speed10000rpm3500rpm4500rpm8000rpm
bearingRolling-element bearingRolling-element bearingRolling-element bearingRolling-element bearing
coolingForced water coolingForced water coolingForced water coolingForced water cooling
installation and connection modeVertical side mountingVertical side mountingHorizontal with flangeVertical with flange
shaft-end interfaceф38(1:7.5)ф50ф56(1:7.5)HSK63-C
end-face runout≤0.002≤0.002≤0.002≤0.002
radial runout≤0.002≤0.002≤0.002≤0.002
Use modeVertical/tiltVerticalLevelVertical/tilt
sealing modeGas SealGas SealGas SealGas Seal
temperature monitoringKTY+PTCKTY+PTCKTY+PTCKTY+PTC
dynamic balancing machine gradeG0.4G0.4G0.4G0.4
on-line balancing deviceMatchingMatchingMatchingMatching


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