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YHMGK1720  Precision CNC multi-function cylindrical grinder

YHMGK1720 Precision CNC multi-function cylindrical grinder

Main Function:

This machine is a precision CNC multi-function grinder, which can be used for outer circle grinding of silicon carbide, sapphire, reference edge grinding or V-ntoch slot.

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Typical Machined Parts


Silicon carbide ingots


Silicon carbide ingots


Sapphire ingots

Main Feature

● The machine is a horizontal cylindrical grinder, head and tail frame are fixed on the worktable, the grinding wheel frame is the main and auxiliary double grinding wheel frame, the double grinding wheel frame is fed separately in the x-axis direction, and moves together in the Z-axis direction, in this grinder can complete the outer circle grinding and the main and deputy reference edge processing two processes.

● Using the head and tail frame to fix the workpiece, the diamond grinding wheel of the outer circle grinding head grinds the outer circle of the silicon carbide blank, and carries on the crystal direction detection and the localization through the x-ray, the positioning plane is machined with a grinding wheel or the v-shaped groove is machined with a shaped grinding wheel.

● The main wheel frame is high speed wheel frame, the maximum speed of the main wheel is 12000r/min, the auxiliary wheel frame is used for V-groove cutting, and the maximum speed of the V-groove wheel is 4000r/min.

● A crystal orientation measuring device is arranged for the directional detection before cutting the v-shaped groove or the main and auxiliary reference edges.

● The head frame torque motor rotary encoder spindle form, can accurately position and lock the workpiece.

● With a specific angle of rotation of the crystal function.

● Grinding fluid with 2 levels of filtering ability, to ensure the cleanliness of grinding fluid. 8. The tail clamp hydraulic jacking function is designed to ensure the machining rigidity and improve the machining efficiency.

Technical Parameter
Machining product-Silicon carbide and sapphire ingots
machining process-Wafer cylindrical grinding, grinding reference variable edge, grinding V-ntoch slot
diameter range of workpiecemmΦ100-Φ210
length range of workpiecemm10-500
diameter of main wheelmmΦ135
speed of main wheelr/min5000-12000
diameter of V-ntoch groove wheelmmΦ120
speed of V-ntoch groove wheelr/min2000-4000
precision of outer cylindermm0.01
diameter of outer cylindermmΦ100
Length of outer cylindermm50
whole machine qualitykg6500
dimension of machine tool (length × width × height)mm3600×3500×2880(Including the water tank)


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